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Real Estate Buying & Selling

The Real Estate landscape is quickly evolving and the housing market is constantly changing! Buying, Selling and Investing can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. By utilizing the unique experiences and background from the team at Struharik Real Estate Consulting, you can ensure that you will be well equipped for the process.

Are you buying a home? Let Zach and his team at SRC help you see the vision for what can be and not just what is currently shown! One of the ways to get ahead in the world of real estate is by finding that diamond in the rough and seeing the potential that others can’t. If move-in ready is more your speed, the team at SRC is equipped to negotiate for you the best price and utilize their experience to ensure you have the best outcome possible.

When it is time to sell, we realize that your home is unique and should be marketed as so! The team at SRC brings a diverse and fresh perspective to the housing world and can ensure your home is marketed different than any other home, setting it apart as the special home it is.

Struharik Real Estate Consulting is Powered by Burgan Real Estate. So when you buy and sell with SRC, you are also buying and selling with Burgan Real Estate, one of the most respected and trusted names in Real Estate in the Mahoning Valley.

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Services Include:

Informed Decision-Making:

Where do we begin? What is the best path for our family? What does the Real Estate process look like? At SRC, we are here to provide step by step and unbiased opinions on what works best for you and your family.

Customized Solutions:
We realize that just as every home is unique, so are the specifics connected to your real estate process. Your home isn’t cookie-cutter, so your experience shouldn’t be one size fits all either. At SRC, we will factor in all of the variables for you and your family and provide analysis for what path makes the most sense and why!

Time and Stress Savings:
At SRC, we are the advocate for you during the housing process. Having one point of contact ensures that nothing gets lost in translation. With so many moving parts, SRC will streamline the process, saving you time, money and reducing the stress associated with it.